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Are you a make-up artist that uses a professional makeup brush set or someone that just loves to put on make-up? Do you hate having an unsanitary make-up bag and disorganized dirty makeup brushes? Then we have the solution to the problems in question two. This make-up kit has 32 brushes that are extra soft and stored in a sleek convenient rollout pouch. 

Our collection ensures that you have the all the beauty tools you need to look your best right at your fingertips. Take the professional 32 PC makeup brush set with you when you travel, tucked into your make-up kit. You don't have to worry about losing your brushes as this comes with the perfect carrying case for easy access. This makes a great gift for someone who loves doing their makeup.


  • Brushes made of premium synthetic bristles
  • Bristles are made cruelty fee
  • They have a soft, silky feel
  • Material is not highly absorbent so it is great for applying liquid-based and cream products
  • Allows precise, streak-free, smooth applications
  • Comes in a roll out pouch, which keeps them clean and organized



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