Plus Size Latex Zipper Waist Trainer (Up to 6XL!)

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Say YES to amazing curves and lose those stubborn inches around your midsection. Thousands of women are looking fabulous and feeling great in our Waist trainers, Corsets and Body Wraps. The Celebrity secret to looking thinner and sexier in seconds!  

Sizing Chart (Approximate Measurements. If you are between two sizes or unsure of a size to pick, order the larger of the two)





Pant Size

S 26 - 28 0 - 4
M 28 - 31 4 - 6
L 31 - 33 6 - 8
XL 33 - 35 8 - 10
2XL 35 - 38 10 - 12
3XL 38 - 40 12 - 14
4XL 40 - 42 14 - 16
5XL 42 - 44 16 - 20
6XL 44 - 47 20 - 24


Tired of putting in countless hours at the gym but unable to get that Hourglass figure? Look no further than our Plus Size Latex Zipper Waist Trainer. This waist trainer provides maximum support and comfort while giving you the sexy curves you desire and a slim and trim waistline! Made of the highest quality latex. 

Our Latex Zipper Waist Trainers delivers results! It will take off 2-4 inches from your waistline and make up look up to 3 dress sizes smaller! It is undetectable under almost any article of clothing. 


  • 2-4 inch reduction from your waistline.
  • Improved posture and increased confidence!
  • Can be worn at work, home, or the gym.
  • Lifted and enhanced bust.


  • Steel boned, firm compression.
  • Very flexible.
  • Zipper with 3 hooks.


Results will vary between person to person based on hip size, waist size and torso size. This product will provide an immediate, but temporary, reduction in waist and shaping. For long terms results, this product should be used in combination with a proper diet and exercise regiment.

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