Neoprene Lumbar Back Support Brace

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This back support brace supports you along your spine to provide stability if you are suffering from pain in your lower back. By using high quality velcro fasteners you can adjust the desired level of support that you need. The lumbar brace acts like a corset to reinforce your torso and spine. Across the back panel, there is an elasticized back support with non-stretch fabric that's designed to give you extra support for your lower back. The brace helps to keep your lower back in an upright position reducing the strain placed on the areas of your lower back that is causing the pain. The back support brace can be used by either men or women. This support brace is adjustable. 


  • Corrects posture effectively
  • Helps relieve frustrations caused by injuries
  • Magnets to help increase the blood flow
  • Massages muscles
  • Reduces pressure from your lower back
  • Provides support, compression, and warmth to lower back
  • Improves flexibility and is adjustable and comfortable
  • Helps speed up lumbaginous recovery
  • Works on your muscles, discs, nerve roots, and ligaments that could be causing the pain


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