**SUMMER SALE** Celebrity Waist Training Corset for a Perfect Hourglass Figure (XS to 6XL)

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Sizing Chart (Approximate Measurements. If you are between two sizes or unsure of a size to pick, order the larger of the two)





Pant Size

S 24-26 0 - 3
M 26-28 4 - 6
L 28-30 6 - 8
XL 30-32 8 - 10
2XL 32-34 10 - 12
3XL 34-36 12 - 14
4XL 36-38 14 - 16
5XL 38-40 16 - 18
6XL 40-42 18 - 20


Women around the globe, do you want to have the hourglass figure and sexy waist like celebrities have? Do you want to get rid of post baby fat quickly like Kim Kardasian has? The product you need is this one, Celebrity Waist Training Corset. For celebrities like Kim Kardasian, and the Jersey girls,  Jennie “JWoww” Farley and Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi you see pictures of them all over the internet raving how the waist trainer helped them to get the figure men cannot take their eyes off of. The waist trainer corset fits comfortable and tightens your belly so you look slimmer when you wear it. You will notice immediately a loss of a couple of inches the minute you put it on. Wear it to work, when you are working out, or out on the town. Get that celebrity body starting today and starting posting those pictures.

This celebrity waist trainer corset fits comfortably, and does not roll up when you move. This waist trainer corset has a lining made of 4% latex and 96% cotton and will help you create that hour glass shape. In the front, the zipper and hook can tighten your belly to make sure that you look slimmer when you wear it. In time, it will help you lose that extra weight. This waist training corset is designed to fit women from size Small to 6XL or waist sizes from 26.7 in to 44.7 in. It is recommend to wear the corset no more than 8 hours a day.

Waist Training Corset Features

  • A good choice to help you shape your waist
  • Makes your curves look like an hourglass
  • Can be used for postpartum bellies, as a corset, and more
  • 25 steel boned corset to hold your belly in



Choose the Right Size Waist Training Corset 

Before you place your order, make sure that you check the sizing chart to ensure that you are choosing the correct size.  This chart gives you step-by-step instruction on how to order the correct size. For the correct size, measure the narrowest part of your body, which is usually just above your belly button.  Do this in the evening after your normal daily activities.  Do not measure over your clothes.  Your waist is the part between the top of your hips and base of your rib cage.  Stand up straight and exhale slowly.  The measuring taps should be snug but not digging into your skin. Choose the size for the waist trainer corset  that your measurements match closest with. Choose the larger size for a comfortable fit if you fall into two sizes and choose he smaller size for a tighter fit.


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