Why Everyone Should Use a Pulse Massager

Why Everyone Should Use a Pulse Massager

A pulse massager is different than getting a rub down at a massage parlor. This device delivers intermittent pulses that stimulate the body’s many self-defense and healing properties.  The immune system is regulated by one of many hormones called cortisol. This hormone is elevated with stress to help us cope with a momentary situation. Unfortunately, it can take a while to return to normal and in the meantime, it diminishes our natural resistance to diseases.

Positive hormones that increase a feeling of wellbeings such as serotonin and dopamine are released in higher numbers with pulsating stimulation. This is why a massage is so relaxing and clients say they feel like a million dollars, their mood hormones are raised.

Pulse massagers also are credited with healing properties and are frequently used in the medical profession. The benefits are well documented and demonstrate a shorter recovery from injuries and a reduction in pain and swelling.

It stands to reason that increasing the circulation to an area provides the much-needed nourishment to the cells. This increases cell growth and reduces the inflammation. Increasing the oxygen to injury sites speeds up the cell repair and replacement- this is accomplished with an increased blood supply.

The pulsations are not uncomfortable at all and studies show using it daily results in faster recovery. Pulse massagers are very safe to use unless the person has an electrical device such as a pacemaker. These clients should ask their physician first.

The cost of a pulse massager varies dramatically, but a good model is available for a minimal amount. The reduction of pain associated with headaches or injuries is reason enough to purchase one. Why not trade in your medication for a massage that can improve your sleep habits, reduce your stress and make you feel happy?

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