Nail Drills for Naturals

Nail Drills for Naturals

Everyone that has ever had a pedicure or manicure enjoys the process. It's relaxing, although often times the results lack the expected perfection. The nails are the wrong shape, they are too short or too long and the polish rarely covers the entire nail. The cuticle removal is either ignored or tortured.

Furthermore, one has to wonder how clean those instruments really are. Did the technician remove them from a sterilizer or just swish them around in a jar of chemicals? Who knows, when asked the response is always the same, we sterilize between every client.

The nail drills for acrylics is quite different than naked nails, although some brands offer bits for both. These kits allow people to do the job at home without many of the concerns encountered in a salon.

The price is minimal (free labor) and no appointment is necessary. The pain is limited to tolerance because the moment it begins to hurt, the process is halted. The results are not salon perfect, but the consumer definitely has more control over the results. There are no worries about infectious diseases as the tools won’t be shared with unknown people.

The negatives are few but important. A nonprofessional being able to manipulate the nail drill with the less dominant hand takes a bit of practice to perfect. There is also a short learning curve regarding the bits like which one does what where. Instructions are included sometimes, but just in case here are a few tips to follow.

Cone shaped bits come in several sizes. The small ones are commonly used around the cuticle area and to clean underneath the nails. The larger ones are used to remove dead skin and polish.

The cylinder bits look like something out of a man’s tool box. They have sandpaper on the barrel shaped tip. They are used to form the shape of the nail and smooth any serious ridges off the nail bed.

The mandrel bits are similar to the cylinder except they are less expensive to use but don’t offer the same convenience as the cylinders do. These have bands of sandpaper that must be attached to the bit and are good for one or two uses before discarding them. There are varying coarseness grades available and are intended to shape the nail as well.

The final bit in the nail drill kit is the buffing pads- they come in numerous grades of quality and will shine your nails beautifully.
So the choice is up to the consumer. Many choose to use these kits at home in between professional manicures to maintain their nails.

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